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  • PROFILE ANALYSIS: Our experts spend time with the students and parents to analyse the profile and then guide them tobest career choices and universities. We help them to write impactful “ Statement of Purpose” letter which highlights the academics as well as other qualification of students in the best possible manner to the applied colleges and universities.
  • COUNCELLING: Overseas career plans can be overwhelming, especially when one has multiple choices of universities and courses. Our trained counsellors will guide you at every step, to make the right choice, free of cost. While we provide you with all the right and updated information, it is entirely up to you, to choose the university and the course you want to enrol in.
  • VISA ASSISTANCE: Apart from the regular counselling and application process, we extend our support further, in streamlining your visa, air tickets, passport renewals, air and any other travel related requirement.
  • PRE DEPARTURE BRIEFING: Once all admission formalities are done, we have a one to one session with each and every student to clear all queries, and doubts regarding the university, country, and any other micro detail, like where to stay, where to get proper food etc.
  • APPLICATION ASSISTANCE: It is very important that your application is updated down to the minutest detail. Our experts not only help you with the entire application process, but also take care of subsequent follow ups with the institutes.
  • COURSE/ COLLEGE SELECTION: One to one personalized councelling helps the students and parents to make the right choice in terms of course/ university and country. We also help to make you choices as per your financial strength so that the student Can make the best choice possible in the budget.
  • POST ADMISSION ASSISTANCE: Further to students moving to their choice of Institution, we also provide help in acquiring accommodation in the UK through various local partners. We also have partners who can guide the students to get Part time jobs as applicable in the concerned country to make some extra money to meet the living expenses.
  • LOAN SCHOLARSHIP ASSISTANCE: Our team of experts make consistent efforts with our partner institutes to offer scholarship opportunities to outstanding students. We also have tie up with major banks to help you get the flexible options to avail loans at best rate possible

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